Supporting the hardware, installation and software for public sector AVL requirements.  Powerful hardware and mapping solutions.  Real time visual compliance reporting.  Like your fleet, Lynxfield in-vehicle computers are rugged. Designed to withstand harsh environments and to provide reliable tracking for the life span of your fleet and provide options for all of your vehicle and asset types. Installation and support for additional sensors, cameras and other data connections are also provided.

Reduce fuel & insurance costs. Improve driver safety. Reduce operating & maintenance expenses. Decrease your environmental footprint.

All fleet tracking data is automatically uploaded to our proprietary schedule map.

Automate your maintenance schedule process with the Lynxfield Maintenance Schedule Map(c). Real time visual compliance reporting. The Maintenance Map will show your teams historical compliance quickly and accurately.

Powerful GIS Mapping Platform
Maintenance Schedule Mapping (c)
Multi-Tennant ACL
Weather and RWIS integration
Visual Playback
Image Mapping
Patrol Logs
Infrastructure Asset Collection
Winter Maintenance Material Controller Integration
Government Mandated Data Retention
On / Offline Vehicle, Device Monitoring
Direction, Speed, Acceleration, Time, Distance
Live Viewing and Historical Playback
Geozone Arrival, Departure and Total Time Within
OBD connectivity ECM Data
2 Way Voice Communication
Dashcam and Image Capture
Driver Detect and NFC / RFID Integration HOS

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