AVL Service

Real time visual compliance reporting

Like your fleet, Lynxfield in-vehicle computers are rugged. Designed to withstand harsh environments and to provide reliable tracking for the life span of your fleet and provide options for all of your vehicle and asset types. Installation and support for additional sensors, cameras and other data connections are also provided.
Reduce fuel & insurance costs. Improve driver safety. Reduce operating & maintenance expenses. Decrease your environmental footprint.
All fleet tracking data is automatically uploaded to our proprietary schedule map.
Automate your maintenance schedule process with the Lynxfield Maintenance Schedule Map(c). Real time visual compliance reporting. The Maintenance Map will show your teams historical compliance quickly and accurately.

Hours of Service Reporting (HOS + Inspections)

Track and report operator time by maintenance or operational status.  Manage vehicle inspections and report and manage equipment deficiencies. 

Easily track operator hours of service with integrated solutions such as one wire, rfid, nfc as well as OBDII and J1939 EMC technologies. Lynxfield HOS applications runs on both Android and the Lynxfield in-vehicle computer.

Winter Maintenance Monitoring

Tracking and reporting winter maintenance.

When looking for a solution for winter maintenance fleet tracking, look to Lynxfield. Our solutions are used across Canada in some of the largest provincial projects as well as municipalities and cities to monitor winter material usage, plowing activity, route completion, weather and road condition.

Track and Report Solid and Liquid Material Usage
Replay Historical Maintenance Activity
View Plow, Wing and Secondary Plow Positions
Show Live Weather Reporting, Highway Cameras, ARWIS Data
View Road Condition Reports and Patrol Logs
Show Winter Maintenance Compliance Based on Maintenance Schedule Map(c)
View Live and Historical Plow Dash Cameras
Export Compliance Operational Reports

“Lynxfield’s system provides us with technology that we use to meet MTO standards and contract performance measures – the solutions are cutting edge and the support is second to none. I would recommend Lynxfield technology for any road maintenance operations.” – MTO Area Maintenance Contractor (Northern Ontario Canada).

Dash Cam Image Capture

Powerful and cost effective way to add camera technology to your fleet.

Plug in a camera to the Lynxfield in-vehicle computer and you have live and historical images.  Images are can be played back in a slideshow or viewed and filtered using GIS mapping.


Work Management

Easy to use and flexible work management system. Capture issues in the field, create work orders and manage work timelines from any desktop, tablet or mobile browser. 

The Lynxfield mobile work management tools capture images, video, deficiency type and other key aspects of the work requirements on or offline. Standard infrastructure based work management is pre-loaded (potholes, culvert, signage, railing system, etc).

Easily ‘snap in’ issues from the field or provide a greater detail of information when needed. A full cycle work management system.  Field workers can also work off network (remote), allowing the system to work with or without network connectivity.  Capture all work, regardless of cell coverage.

Mobile Road Patrol

A powerful mobile solution for road patrol compliance.

Effective and simple system to track and collect mandated information to exceed the O. Reg. 239/02: MINIMUM MAINTENANCE STANDARDS.

Automatically record position, speed, direction, operational status and other custom attributes. Developed to comply with Provincial Minimum Maintenance Standards, the Lynxfield patrol system can be customized for any maintenance classification.

Automated road condition, weather reporting, patrol log and a deficiency snap feature are just some of the mobile features available during patrol.