• In-vehicle camera
  • Enginge/OBD data
  • Sensor integration
  • Connectivity with all spreader types (Dickey John, Rexroth, Force America, etc.)
  • All Lynxfield hardware is ELD/Hours of Service mandate compliant
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Lynx Tracker

Track fleets on & offline with automatic upload.

Specializing in road maintenance, winter vehicle tracking and construction tracking — Lynxfield’s out-of-the-box and custom solutions have made us a leader in Canada, tracking thousands of snow plows and patrol vehicles across the country.

  • Quick work ID
  • Work order collection & management
  • Easily “snap in” work from the field or provide a greater detail of information when needed
  • Automatically collect patrol log route data
  • Works on Lynxfield proprietary mobile tablet and any Android phone or tablet
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Mobile lynxtracker

Flexible work management system.

Lynxfield work management software is a powerful mobile solution that helps organizations to effectively manage and track their work processes. It is designed to streamline workflows, increase efficiency, and improve communication among team members.

  • Protect your organization from liability
  • Use live & historical data to monitor patrol logs
  • Meet & exceed minimum maintenance standards
  • Use live and historical patrol data to report compliance
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Lynx Road Patrol

Automated road patrol.

All tracking data from patrolling devices is automatically sent to the Lynxfield proprietary Road Maintenance Schedule Map. Roads change color based on patrolling schedules being met (green) 12 hours to be met (yellow) overdue (red). Management teams can make real time decisions on where to have crews patrol. The RMSM has been successfully used in many regions to defend lawsuits and confirm maintenance compliance.

  • Efficient and effortless salt reporting
  • Save on enormous materials costs.
  • Protect your team from liability
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Lynx Lidar

Efficient salt measurement with LiDAR.

Lynxfield proprietary software and LiDAR laser cutting edge technology are used in salt domes across Canada. Replace your cumbersome, time-consuming and unreliable weight system with LynxLiDAR.

  • Asset management data collection tools, mapping and integration
  • Field and office work management and integration
  • Emergency response monitoring and reporting
  • Environmental data collection tools and resources
  • Fully integrated mobile and web mapping services
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Lynxfield Public Sector

Public Sector technologies.

Work management, public response, mapping, asset management and other custom modules created to support local governments in compliance and data capture.

  • Protect your organization from liability
  • Use live & historical data to improve operations
  • Meet & exceed minimum maintenance standards
  • Use all vehicle & operations data to improve corporate decision-making
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Lynx Cloud

Data storage solutions.

Only Lynxfield provides years of accessible historical data, available in all formats — replay, reporting, and more.

Why Lynxfield

Supporting public sector technology initiatives.

Developing rock solid technologies since 2013 throughout north america.


Dynamic mapping to monitor compliance.


Mobile work management with work flow integration.


Lynxfield supports and securely hosts technologies.


Used every day by local governments.

Contact us to schedule a free demonstration of the Lynxfield Fleet Management System.

"Lynxfield's system provides us with technology that we use to meet Ministry standards and contract performance measures - the solutions are cutting edge and the support is second to none. I would recommend Lynxfield technology for any road maintenance operations." - Maintenance Contractor

"Lynxfield provides our city with mobile hardware and software to track our work and our city fleet vehicles" - City Public Works Director

"We utilize Lynxfield mobile technology to stay on top of MMS patrolling and schedule as well as capture and report deficiencies" - Town Roads Manager

“Lynxfield has demonstrated the ability to meet MTO Head Office requirements for AMDCS data in XML 1.1 format. They have provided support and technical advice for improving data transfer and formatting of raw AMDCS data” - Ministry of Transportation Ontario.