Secure Cloud Mapping Services

Lynxfield’s powerful GIS management system allows our clients to import and work with many different geographical data sets. From roads, sewer systems, sign assets, bridges and weather information. Lynxfield GIS server system can upload, store and manage this data. Using powerful web services clients can link their desktop GIS tools to synchronize data. Lynxfield’s GIS platform works with all GIS data types. Easily transform static GIS data to dynamic powerful information that can be updated using mobile and web based tools.

Government Compliance Tracking and Reporting

Automate process with the Maintenance Schedule Map(c). All fleet tracking data is automatically uploaded to our proprietary schedule map. Mapping provides real time visual compliance reporting on maintenance compliance requirements. The Maintenance Map will show your teams historical compliance quickly and accurately.

Road Patrol

Effective and simple system to track and collect mandated information to exceed the O. Reg. 239/02: MINIMUM MAINTENANCE STANDARDS.

Automatically record position, speed, direction, operational status and other custom attributes. Developed to comply with Provincial Minimum Maintenance Standards, the Lynxfield patrol system can be customized for any maintenance classification.

Work Management

Easy to use and flexible work management system. Capture issues in the field, create work orders and manage work timelines from any desktop, tablet or mobile browser. The Lynxfield mobile work management tools capture images, video, deficiency type and other key aspects of the work requirements on or offline. Standard infrastructure based work management is pre-loaded (potholes, culvert, signage, railing system, etc). Easily ‘snap in’ issues from the field or provide a greater detail of information when needed. A full cycle work management system.

Reporting and Exports

A key feature to any database system is its ability to report and export data. Lynxfield uses enterprise level report query tools and export modules to provide customized and dashboard ready reports, exports in many standard formats and filters to simplify data viewing. Powerful standard reports are provided that include operation reports (winter operations, road condition, patrol logs, etc) as well as work management and infrastructure asset management reports (asset classification, valuations, condition assessments, lifespan). All exports are available from the portal and can be accessible via mobile platforms as well to export reports in PDF, XLS, CSV and HTML.

Asset Management

Lynxfield provides your organization with mobile data collection tools to capture asset data in the field. From Android smart phones to tablet computers our mobile software is compiled with standard data collection routines specific to infrastructure asset data collection. Lynxfield team members have an extensive knowledge of infrastructure asset types and classifications. We also import customer provided data to create a repository of assets to update and maintain. Once your organizations asset inventory is updated, Lynxfield inspection routines allow you to conditionlly assess and update transactional information as required. This efficiently and effectively improves field monitoring of assets, lowering the cost of maintaining assets while increasing asset lifespan.

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