Lynx Operations

Operations Mapping & Reporting

All Lynxfield hardware data is automatically uploaded live to custom Lynxfield portals.

Don’t lose track of your data, even when your drivers are offline. Lynxtracker 1 Plug & Play, Lynxytracker 2 Hardwired Tracking Unit, Lynxtracker 3 Plow & Patrol Unit (with screen), LynxMobile, LynxLiDar, and LynxWebcam monitoring data are automatically uploaded live to custom portals.

Custom gis mapping

Live & historical camera map

Asset management map

Custom hours of service compliance reports

Live & historical replay

Work ID map

Weather tracking, live & historical

Mobile friendly portals

Compliant Reporting

Full reporting module with provincially compliant Winter Operations Reports


Custom Mapping

Custom asset layers for signs, culverts, bridges, water system and more

Schedule Mapping

Road Maintenance Schedule map monitoring MMS compliance:

green road = compliant
yellow road = 12 hours remaining r
ed road = non-compliant, needs to be patrolled


Data Mapping

Bread crumb mapping displays speed, engine data, location, driver ID, road class, plow spreader/sensor data, and live images

Contact us to schedule a free demonstration of the Lynxfield Fleet Management System.