Lynx Tracker

Fleet management, online and offline.

Lynxfield’s LynxTracker technology tracks fleets on and offline with automatic upload.

Work ID

Specializing in road maintenance, winter vehicle tracking and construction tracking — Lynxfield’s custom solutions have made us a leader in Canada, tracking thousands of snow plows and patrol vehicles across the country.

Lynxfield Fleet Tracking is a software and hardware solution designed to help companies improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their fleet operations. By providing real-time visibility into the location, status, and performance of vehicles, Lynxfield Fleet Tracking enables managers to make more informed decisions, improve communication with drivers, and reduce costs associated with fleet management.

Lynxfield custom technology with screen and mount tracks road maintenance and operations vehicles.

Track material from any spreaders type, plow status, road temperature. Pop in a quick work ID and install a dash camera for images every ten seconds live and historically with limited data cost.

Lynxfield is a leader in road maintenance technology. rugged, versatile and customizable for all your construction and works vehicles from graders to garbage trucks.

Fleet Management

Real-time visibility into the location, status, and performance of vehicles, improved communication with drivers, and reduced costs associated with fleet management.

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flexible Connectivity

Reading and translating with all winter operational spreader types. Cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID connectivity. Secure M2M sim support.

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Available Equipment

ODBII / J1939 Connectivity, In vehicle touch screen LX3, Optional sensors, Solutions for all analog and digital data capture requirements. Lynxfield provides rugged tablets, AVL Equipment, Custom sensors, Cameras, Embedded devices. Lynxfield can help support your team to install and service network embedded computers.