Mobile LynxTracker

Automated Road Patrol.

Lynx Mobile automatically tracks patrol logs to confirm patrolling compliance and decrease risk of liability. The LynxMobile is designed to be as hands off as possible, Once an operator ‘starts patrolling’ the device tracks all input road conditions, road names, weather condition automatically and sends to portal in reporting and mapping formats.

All tracking data from patrolling devices is automatically sent to the Lynxfield proprietary Road Maintenance Schedule Map. Roads change color based on patrolling schedules being met (green) 12 hours to be met (yellow) overdue (red). Management teams can make real time decisions on where to have crews patrol. The RMSM has been successfully used in many regions to defend lawsuits and confirm maintenance compliance. Over patrolling of roads also leads to over use of fuel, environmental damage and vehicle wear and tear. The cost savings and improved carbon footprint are noticed by teams right away.

Flexible Connectivity

Lynxfield work management software is a powerful mobile solution that helps organizations to effectively manage and track their work processes. It is designed to streamline workflows, increase efficiency, and improve communication among team members.

Lynxfield work management software is a valuable tool for organizations looking to streamline their work processes and improve efficiency. It offers a range of features that help to manage tasks, collaborate with team members, track resources, and analyze data, among other benefits.


Automatic Equipment

Easily “snap in” work from the field, or provide a greater detail of information, when needed.

Automatic Data

Automatically collect patrol log route data, confirming minimum maintenance standards compliance.

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